Condair GS - condensing gas-fired steam humidifier

The Condair GS offers steam humidification with low operating costs. The economy of using gas makes this humidifier around 60% cheaper to power than an equivalent electric steam humidifier.

This gas-fired humidifier incorporates ultra efficient condensing technology. Heat is recovered from the exhaust flue gases and used to pre-heat the incoming water supply. This saves energy, as well as improving humidity control.

As the exhaust gases are cooler, a plastic rather than stainless steel flue can be used, simplifying installation and reducing the cost.

Models range from 21kg/h to 246kg/h with the 21 and 41kg/h units available as wall-mounted systems. This makes them ideal for replacing existing wall-mounted electric steam humidifiers.

 A lip-free design on the water tank makes removing scale easy and a curved design on the stainless steel heat exchangers dislodges scale during normal operation.

The system incorporates the latest touch screen control technology and can connect to Modbus and BACnet IP/MSTP (slave) as standard.

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Features and benefits

  • Condensing technology saves energy and reduces energy consumption
  • Gas humidification is 60% cheaper than electric steam
  • Can be used with plastic flue rather than stainless steel due to cooler flue gas
  • Incorporates the latest touch screen control panel with USB port and BMS
  • Designed for easy servicing with good access and lip-free water tank

Flat burner & spark ignition

Provides long-lasting, reliable operation and incorporates a four-stage, fail-safe mechanism for utmost peace-of-mind.

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